Douglas Fir, Norway Spruce 


Potted Christmas Trees
Care Instructions:
Place the tree in a watertight container, such as a tub
Soak root ball throuroughly and keep moist throughout its stay in your home.  May require 2-4 quarts of water per day
Don't keep tree indoors longer than 5-7 days
Planting Outdoors:
Store in cool, ventilated garage or porch for 10-12 days to acclimate to the cold before planting. (still check root ball and keep moist)
Dig hole larger than root ball. Remove container.
Set ball into ground so that top is slightly below ground level.  Fill hole with good topsoil, mixing in peatmoss to retain moisture. Firm soil to eliminate air pockets.  Water thoroughly.
Under 5 foot    $26.00
          5'-6'        35.00
          6'-7'        40.00
          7'-8'        50.00
          8'-9'        55.00
          9'-10'      65.00                  10'-11'      75.00
         11'-12'     85.00
         12'-13'     95.00

Arnold's Christmas Tree Farm